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Deep Dive on Electrolytes

The Power of Electrolytes

Deep Dive on Electrolytes – What are they, Why do you need them, what happens when your body is low on them, what foods and drinks have electrolytes.

Garden of Life Blog, Healthy Nonperishables

Healthy Nonperishables

With tornado season and a crazy world, a lot of people are making sure to keep nonperishables on hand – but which are the healthiest choices and why?

Get the Scoop on Collagen

Get the Scoop on Collagen

If you read one article about Collagen, Make it this one! A full collagen guide.

Benefits of Postbiotics

Get After the Benefits of Postbiotics

After all the buzz about probiotics and prebiotics, there’s a new biotic on the block and it’s after the healthy spotlight!

Get a Taste of the Mediterranean Diet

Get a Taste of the Mediterranean Diet

When you’re fed up with counting, cutting and cravings, get away from it all by escaping to the Mediterranean—diet, that is!

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